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Dr. med. Pius Bürki

Specialist in Pediatrics and youth medicine
1998 Qualification certificate for hip sonography

Apprenticeship to become a doctor

• 8.4.1991 Dr. med. with the thesis:"Investigations on the effect of theophylline on the oxycardiographically ascertainable respiratory regulation of children at risk of sudden infant death". Work under the direction of Prof. Dr. med. E. Bossi, Medical University Children's Hospital Bern.
• 1987: Individual examination in programming for noninformatics after 2 semesters of study in the minor subject, Institute for Computer Science at the University of Berne.
• 1983-1989: Medical studies at the Universities of Freiburg/Fribourg and Berne

Further training as a specialist in paediatric and youth medicine

• 1997 Specialist examination in paediatric medicine (FMH)
• 1998 assistant doctor and senior physician at the paediatric clinic of the Children's Hospital Lucerne
• 1997: 70% assistant doctor post at the Centre for Cerebral Movement Disorders at the Children's Hospital Lucerne with special training in developmental neurology and oncology.
• 30% as an assistant doctor with Dr. med. R. Sulser, pediatrician FMH Stans
• 1995-1996 Assistant doctor at the Pediatric Clinic of the Children's Hospital Lucerne
• 1994 Assistant doctor at the Pediatric Surgery Clinic of the Children's Hospital Lucerne
• 1991-1993 Assistant physician at the Physiological Institute of the University of Zurich
• 1991 Assistant physician at the Physiological Institute of the University of Berne
• 1990 Assistant physician at the Department of Paediatric Metabolic Disorders, University Children's Hospital Bern

Teaching activity/ Course activities

• We provide ongoing care to assist practitioners on their way to becoming a paediatrician or general internal medicine specialist.
• Every year, we have several high school students from the Cantonal School of Zug who are planning to study medicine with us as interns.
• Since 2006 I have been a member of the committee of the KHM Forbildungskongress and am responsible for pediatric topics.
• Regular lectures and seminars at major medical congresses throughout Switzerland.
• 2005-2006 assistance in the development of Talentia, a school for gifted students in Zug www.talentia.ch  
• Responsible for the training courses of the SGP - Twice a year large, German-French-speaking training course for 120 paediatricians from all over Switzerland.
• 2001-2003 Co-organiser of the training courses in Switzerland. Society for Paediatrics SGP www.medconnection.ch  

Practice activity

• 2011 Renaming of the children's centre Lindenpark AG
• 2005 Foundation of the Center for Child and Adolescent Medicine lindenpark ag in Baar, Germany
• 2003-2005 Joint practice for paediatric and adolescent medicine with Dr. med. Romedius Alber in Zug, Switzerland
• 1998-2003 Own practice for paediatric and adolescent medicine in Zug

Focal points

• Fields of expertise
• Developmental disorders
• Behavioural and school problems incl. ADHD/POS
• Medical difficulties in the context of school problems, especially in the case of handicapped and gifted children.
• Ultrasound scan of the newborn hip
• Lung diseases, asthma

Memberships / Associations

• Association of Swiss Doctors (FMH)
• 1999-2003 board member of SGP's practice paediatrics section
• 2003-2013: Director responsible for the training courses of the Swiss Society for Paediatrics SGP
• Kinderärzte-Vereinigung der Zentralschweiz (Child Physicians' Association of Central Switzerland)
• Medical Association of the Andreasklinik Cham
• Former foundation board member, now senator of the College of General Practitioner Medicine KHM
• Member of the Board of Directors of the Association of General Practitioners and Paediatricians Switzerland mfe
• Committee for Training Congress of the College of General Practitioner Medicine KHM
• Ärztegesellschaft des Kantons Zug AGZG 
• Society for General Practitioner's Medicine ZUGHAM

Personal Information

I'm  married to Karin. I love the nature and especially our wonderful Zugersee. Our children Oliver *1991 and Carmen *1993 are already out of house. Often I habe  my digital camera with me. I love photography. Dr. Bürki is the owner of the Children's Centre Lindenpark AG.

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