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Sabine de Lage


Specialist in Pediatrics and youth medicine
Qualification certificate for practice laboratory

Apprenticeship to become a doctor

  • Medical studies at Saarland University at the University Hospital Homburg/Saar 1988 - 1997

Further training as a specialist in paediatric and youth medicine

  • Doctor in practical training at the Westpfalzkinikum Kaiserslautern, paediatric clinic Prof. Rupprath, from 15.05.1998- 15.11.1999 
  • Assistant doctor at the Westpfalzklinikum Kusel, Gynaecology from 01.01.2000-16.04.2000

  • Assistant physician at Wetzlar Hospital, Gynaecology from 17.04.2000-31.13.2000
Assistant doctor at the Diabetes Clinic Bad Nauheim, Internal Medicine from 01.11.2000-31.12.2002
  • Assistant doctor at the Offenbach Clinic, Paediatric Clinic, with Dr. Evert and PD Dr. Gordjani from 01.01.2003-28.02.2005 
  • Assistant doctor in the endocrinological paediatric practice of PD Dr. Hartmann FFM, from 01.03.2005 - 30. 06.2007

  • Specialist in paediatric and adolescent medicine since 16 May 2007

Practice activity

  • Freelance work in the endocrinological paediatric practice with PD.Dr. Hartmann from 01.07.2007 to 31.12.2008

  • Private practice for paediatrics and youth medicine from 01.07.2007- 31.07.2017 in Kronberg and Königstein im Taunus 
  • From 01.09.2017 to 31.07.2020 employed pediatrician in the MEDI Centre Ins 

Fields of expertise

  • Endocrinology: short stature/ tall stature
  • Hip sonography within the scope of my training for
    Pediatrician in Germany

Memberships / Associations

  • Association of Swiss Doctors (FMH)
  • Swiss society for pediatrics
  • Swiss childrens doctors KIS
  • German Society for Child and Youth Medicine (DGKJ)

Personal Information

I'm married to Dr Tristan de Lage. We have two
Kids. I love city breaks and classical culture.
I also play the piano and swim almost

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