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Dr. med. Daniel Desgrandchamps

Specialist  in Pediatrics and youth medicine 1998
1999 Specialist in infectiology

Apprenticeship to become a doctor

• 1977-1984 Medical studies at the University of Berne with foreign semesters at the University of Geneva and the Tulane University New Orleans.
• 1986 Medical dissertation at the University of Berne:"Antimicrobial Therapy of Pseudomonas Pulmonary Exacerbations
• 1994 Specialist in paediatric and adolescent medicine at FMH
• 1999 FMH specialist for infectious diseases
• 2001 Guido Fanconi Memorial Prize of the Swiss Society for Pediatrics as a member of the InfoVac team

Previous jobs

• Since 2016 Scientific Secretary to the President of the Swiss Federal Commission for Vaccination (EKIF) at the University Children's Hospital in Zurich.
• 2016-2017 Research Associate at the University of Geneva for the Meineimpfungen.ch   Foundation
• 2013-2016 Medical officer in charge of the pharmaceutical industry (vaccine production)
• 2012-2013 Administrative advisor to the University Children's Hospitals of Basel and Zurich and the Children's Hospital St. Gallen
• 2006-2011 Medical officer in the pharmaceutical industry (immunobiology, vaccine production)
• 2001-2006 Infectiological consultant at the Children's Hospital Lucerne
• 1997-2006 practice activity in the Baarer paediatrician's practice with newborn care at the Zuger Kantonsspital and Andreasklinik Cham
• 1995-1997 Senior clinical-scientific physician at the University Children's Hospital of Basel and Basel
• 1993-1995 Federal Office of Public Health, Bern
• 1985-1993 Assistant physician - internal medicine, paediatric medicine/psychiatrics, medical microbiology

Secondary activity

• Since 2001, expert in vaccination issues for the WHO-certified InfoVac advisory team (under the patronage of the Federal Office of Public Health and the Swiss Society for Paediatrics)
• 1995-2007 Member of the Swiss/Federal Commission on Vaccination (SKIF/EKIF)
• 1995-2004 Medical Officer of the Swiss Red Cross (SRC) in charge of the border sanitation investigation (GSU) of refugees and asylum seekers.


• Co-author of the handbook "Infections in children and adolescents" of the German Society for Pediatric Infectious Diseases (since 2009)
• Co-author of the Swiss edition of "Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy" (1993-2004)


• 27 peer-review publications
• 28 additional publications in medical journals
• Co-author of the monthly InfoVac bulletin

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